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  1. 3 beds, 2 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 2,256 sq ft
    Lot size: 5,662 sqft
    Year built: 2006
    Parking spots: 2
  2. 3 beds, 2 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 1,777 sq ft
    Parking spots: 2
  3. 0 beds, 0 baths
    Home size: 4,555 sq ft
    Year built: 2011
  4. 4 beds, 3 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 3,412 sq ft
    Year built: 2006
    Parking spots: 1
  5. 3 beds, 2 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 2,144 sq ft
    Year built: 2017
    Parking spots: 1
  6. 2 beds, 2 full baths
    Home size: 960 sq ft
    Year built: 2014
    Parking spots: 1
  7. 5 beds, 5 full, 3 half baths
    Home size: 3,139 sq ft
    Year built: 2009
    Parking spots: 2
  8. 5 beds, 2 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 3,413 sq ft
    Year built: 2005
  9. 1 bed, 1 full bath
    Home size: 530 sq ft
    Year built: 2006
  10. 3 beds, 2 full, 1 half baths
    Home size: 2,589 sq ft
    Year built: 2014

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See Active Map and All Current Bucktown Homes for Sale

An Overview of Life in the Bucktown, Metairie

When you ask somebody from New Orleans about Bucktown, the first thing that probably comes to mind is seafood, plain and simple.   Being next to Lake Pontchartrain, Bucktown is traditionally where a lot of fishermen lived, with their boats docked at the Bucktown harbor right near their homes. While Bucktown is not a huge area and there are not a lot of restaurants there, the ones they have certainly make up for it and people travel from all over the city just to eat in Bucktown.

Besides seafood, another thing that comes to mind is the 17th Street Canal, which divides Bucktown and Lakeshore/ Lakeview.  Bucktown was truly fortunate after Katrina, as the walls of this canal broke during Katrina, and very much to Bucktown’s benefit, the Lakeview side wall broke, destroying all the homes on the other side in its wake and leaving Bucktown relatively high and dry.

Bucktown Architecture

Bucktown recently has seen a huge surge in growth, and many of the smaller ranch homes that were there traditionally are being purchased, torn down and replaced with huge, brand new homes that are driving real estate prices higher than this part of town has ever see.  Closer in towards Metairie, especially between West Esplanade and Veterans Blvd., there are a lot of large apartment complexes with convenient access to many parts of the city.  There are also some great condos in Bucktown, some of which come with a hefty price tag, and offer stunning views of Lake Pontchartrain .

 Bucktown Restaurants

 Food is one of the biggest draws to Bucktown as the area was originally home to many of the area’s fishermen.  R&O’s received the most-prestigious honor of being considered as having the best po-boy in town.  Also, Deanie’s Seafood has some of the best fried seafood in town (particularly recommended is their fried Seafood platter and barbecue shrimp).  Of note also is Schaefer and Rusich Seafood, a seafood market with great prices, quality seafood, that can also pack for taking on an airplane (a very convenient and appreciated gift when visiting friends or family out of town.  Also noted and recommended in Bucktown are Mr. Ed’s Seafood and Italian and New Orleans Food & Spirits.

Getting Involved

The East End Bucktown Civic Association is a good place to contribute to the local community in Bucktown.  Also of note, there are a lot of Christmas and New Years festivities in the area around the Bucktown harbor, and here is where you can find more information on getting involved with these events.

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