Real Estate Careers in Greater New Orleans

From Mark Boline, Broker/Owner of New Orleans Relocation LLC
and 2015 NOMAR Director

At New Orleans Relocation LLC our model is reflective of an Internet-based real estate industry where it costs less for Realtors to do better business, if they have technology at their side.

Operating New Orleans Relocation LLC debt-free allows me to offer new team members a very agent-centric benefit package.

  • No Franchises Fee
  • No Fees for Company-Generated Leads
  • 80/20 Agent Starting Commission Split
  • Protected Sales Territories
  • Unlimited high-ranking agent webpages at no charge
  • Microsoft Office Suite & Microsoft Exchange Email at no charge

Protected Sales Territories

One fundamental difference at New Orleans Relocation LLC is that our agents do not compete with each other, but rather they have specific territories. This is how nearly all other industries organize and model their sales forces. Our Realtors truly work as one”team” under my leadership. We don’t just say it, we do it!

As the team leader, supporting my Realtors and helping each of them to bring in new business is my primary role. Advanced Internet and technology training at New Orleans Relocation LLC is the best in the business, and it’s the key to your long-term success. If you and your broker are not leading the way online, then you’re falling behind.

Collaborative Online Efforts
Help Consumers Find You

Working as a collective team, or efforts have a synergistic effect. Our website, is the core foundation that synthesizes our online, organic SEO and creates a snowball effect for rankings in Google and other search engines. In this way, each of our Realtor team members benefits from high rankings for specific keywords in his or her respective market and geographic areas.

This specific online target marketing is good for consumers too, because it helps those who are looking for a professional Realtor like you to find you. And then more importantly, it allows us to better service our clients as that local Realtor expert they need.

As a team, we also share the successes we have with each other. Since we’re not competing with one another, we openly plan and implement marketing/advertising activities that work. This sharing is what creates a foundation of trust and mutually beneficial success. It’s the kind of work environment that I have always wanted and am proud to foster.

Realtor Code of Ethics
and Professional Standards

It’s also a top priority for me that all New Orleans Relocation LLC team members conduct ourselves and our business with the highest professional standards and follow the Realtor Code of Ethics. How much do you know about the Code? It’s a blueprint for being a great Realtor and customer service specialist, and by following it you are always fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities to your clients and conducting your business affairs properly.

Ready for Change?

Life is too short to have a career doing something that you don’t enjoy. I’m looking for Realtors who like their job — Professionals who know how to have fun while guiding clients through their important real estate decisions. And as in any sales career, you must possess a strong desire to earn a very good living!

Whether you’re a newly licensed agent or a Realtor ready for change, understanding and being excited by our business model is the first step to wanting to be part of the team.

Call me directly on my mobile at 504.655.2233 and let’s have a confidential chat about your future.

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